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We specialise in complete fire protection solutions for small to large business.

Fire Rated Doors


Need fire rated doors installed and maintained? Get the job done right!

Fire Rated Doors


We provide a complete service on a one to one basis.


Blanket Fire Protection

specialise in Fire Protection Services from Installation, Replacement, Maintenance and Repair of Fire Rated Doors including Exit Doors, Smoke Doors, Replacement of Fire Door's & Frames. We also provide specialised services for Fire Stopping & Sealing of Penetrations in walls ceilings and floors, anywhere, just ask us, we are only a call away.

BFP, are committed in assisting our clients for all their compliance requirements, whilst adhering to the relevant Australian Standards and BCA codes for Passive Fire Protection.

We are a one stop solution, specialising for all aspects of Passive Fire Protection and Fire Stopping of Fire Rated Elements in buildings. Including Fire Stopping / Sealing of Penetrations in Electrical Services, Fire walls, Ceiling Floor and Wall Penetrations.

Our Clients include large and small businesses including Facility Management Companies, large Construction Companies, Hospitals, Universites, Aged Care Facilities throughout Melbourne and Victoria.

We ensure rapid completion of work with high quality results!

Our experienced team are committed to excellence and will work with you throughout the entire process, from audit to rectification, delivering compliant results for all your Fire Safety & Protection Requirements.

BFP are committed to communication with our clients. We understand that business interruptions can impact heavily on productivity so we implement work practices with one goal in mind, to meet Australian Standards and BCA requirements efficiently with minimum impact on your resources.

Compliance is mandatory, not just to protect your financial assets, but even more importantly these measures are essential for the protection of our most important asset, our community. Blanket Fire Protection BFP also provide services that ensure compliance with Australian Standards and the BCA to ensure Certificates of Occupancy.

Essential Fire Safety Measures are delivered to contain, compartmentalise and slow the spread of fire, heat and smoke through buildings ensuring safe egress, reducing risk to life and limiting the loss of assets.



We meet you, we greet you and solve your problems. We provide a complete service on a one to one basis. No middle man. No fuss. The implementation doesn't need to be difficult, we will communicate with you about the easiest best approach to maximise the integrity of structures ... straight to the rectification phase.

Our level of commitment to the needs of our clients will ensure that our long term working relationship is based on clear communication and objectives. We commit to maintaining and enhancing our reputation as a provider of high quality, specialised services to the Fire Protection Industry.

  • Installation and Maintenance of all Fire Rated Doors: Exit Doors, Metal Clad, & Smoke Doors
  • Fire Emergency Doors with Glass Vision & Access Panels
  • Fire Stopping of Fire Rated Structures
  • Fire Rated Service Penetrations Sealing
  • Fire Rated Door Frames, Furniture and Closers
  • Fire Rated Smoke Seals, Dampers, Vents, Shutters & Fire Curtains
  • "B" Class License to remove Asbestos
  • Construction of Fire Resisting Structures

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